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World Ends… Again

By 2012.12.20 Comment»

rx does R.E.M.: The End by Sluggomatic (8th place entry in Breaking News 5): Amen: TDeja vu all

Jazz Bass- Kelly Roberti

“The first time I heard Charley Parker I thought heard Be-Bop, like Charlie Parker with Miles Davis, it killed me. It was like: What is this chemical stuff?”

HV on Haitus

Our weekly hour series, Hearing Voices from NPR, has come to its end of days.

HV142- Solidod

The Life and Times of Solidod, the last remaining member of her village of Mescalero Apache who lived on the edge of Death Valley.

HV116- Homeless

The voices of people who were or are living on the streets.

HV128- Prisoners of War

Four American soldiers share their WWII experiences, before, during, and after their time in a German POW camp.

HV141- Ayahuasqueros

An anthropologist’s sound-portrait of the ayahuasca plant and the people of Peru.

HV140- John Cage

A tribute to the composer on his 100th birthday.

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