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HV096- Crow Fair I

The five-day festival of the Apsaalooke Nation, part one of two.

HV084- Place Your Bets

We play keno, cards, and craps in in America’s gambling Mecca: Vegas, baby.

HV083- Shortcuts- 21st Century III

The final part in our survey of 21C’s speech, song, and soundbites.

SOTU or Stevenote?

By 2010.01.24 tags: , , . Comment»

Seems we're approaching a "Who's your favorite beatle?"* moment when both

HV081- Shortcuts- 21st Century I

Speeches, songs, and soundbites from the Aughties, part one.

FU FB Group

By 2009.11.22 tags: , . Comment»

There's a new Group on Facebook called FU FB: For taking our

Venn Diagrams Run Wild

By 2009.11.06 tags: , , . Comment»

HuffPo hatched a comedic intersecting circle competition, "Jesus, Karaoke, And Serial

I Seem to Be a Verb

By 2009.03.31 tags: , , , . 3 Comments»

Bucky Verbs in 140-characters.

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