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HV141- Ayahuasqueros

An anthropologist’s sound-portrait of the ayahuasca plant and the people of Peru.

HV107- Strange Days

Paul Bowles: writer/outsider, Coyle & Sharp: men-on-the-street, and Ayahuasca tourism.

HV113- Hippies

Tuning in and turning onto alt.Hippie.history.

HV048- Juarez, Mexico

City on the Edge; a war zone, just to our south.

Mexico’s Drugs- Big Pic

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The Big Picture, the Boston Globe photo blog, has some striking

Miracle on the Streets

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HV/Story/ Work by: Dmae Roberts

A day in the life of a homeless girl.

Juarez: Murders, Messages

A new photo-essay by Scott Carrier and Julián Cardona

Juarez: Crime More Powerful Than Government

What is the ‘drug cartel’?

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