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Posts tagged: ‘justice’

Voices from Tahrir

A preview of our upcoming HV hour, "Voices from Tahrir" --

YouTube: Copyright Workshop

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Google/YouTube has its own Copyright Workshop with a well-linked lesson on

HV088- Scene of the Crime

Photos, dramas, cleaners, and victims of crime.

Strange Fruit

By 2010.08.08 tags: , , , . Comment»

Eighty years ago, on the courthouse square in Marion, Indiana, Thomas

FCC’s Fuqn Fine History

By 2010.07.30 tags: , , . Comment»

From Carlin's 7 words to Stern's shock Jock to Jackson's right

HV049- Palestinian Dreaming

Dreams of Arabs and Jews, Israel and Palestine.

Traveling Electric Chair

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This afternoon of NPR ATC, from Radio Diaries, "Willie McGee and

HV048- Juarez, Mexico

City on the Edge; a war zone, just to our south.

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