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HV091- Bad Trip

Obscure tours and offbeat retreats thru Americana.

Montana Mitzvah

The NYTImes caught this canine-capitol-Chanukah connection: "Montana Rabbi Lends an

Post-Madonna Prima Donna

By 2008.10.25 tags: , , , . Comment»
Work by: Jason Cady

Post-Madonna Prima Donna, Jason Cady's CD, is out on Peacock Recordings

Survival Spelling

By 2008.10.01 tags: , . Comment»

Possibly staged, definitely funny, "911 Call- Warthog and Wife" (0:22 mp3):

Forvo pronunciations

By 2008.04.13 tags: , . Comment»

Forvo is another online pronunciation guide. But this one via a

Chrysti Cliches

By 2008.02.10 tags: , . Comment»

This eeem from HV's radio compadre, Chrysti the Wordsmith: As some

Bolly Words

By 2007.12.17 tags: , , . Comment»

Turns out all those Bollywood dance videos were in English all

howjsay Online Pronouncer

By 2007.12.16 tags: , , . Comment»

h o w j s a y . c o m

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