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HV100- Stories of Transformation

Two audio diaries: a street kid wises up and a person born in the wrong body.

HV099- Polk Street Stories

An oral history of San Francisco’s premiere queer neighborhood.

HV120- Dear Diary

Audio documents of daily life.

Finding Miles

By 2010.09.07 tags: , , , , . Comment»
Work by: Jay Allison · Sarah Reynolds

Last night on NPR ATC, "Becoming Miles: The Journey Of Changing

StoryCorps: MJ Seide

By 2010.02.12 tags: , , , . Comment»
Work by: StoryCorps

Another stellar StoryCorps today: MJ Seide talks to her granddaughter Genna Alperin

After The Forgetting

By 2008.12.18 tags: , , , , , , . 3 Comments»
HV/Story/ Work by: Erica Heilman

A Vermont family changes as their mother's dementia progresses. What happens

Transom- After The Forgetting

By 2008.12.10 tags: , , , , , . Comment»
Work by: Erica Heilman · Transom

HV and Transom just finished collaborating on getting an edited version

Crossdressing Family Man

By 2008.11.29 tags: , , , , , , . Comment»
HV/Story/ Work by: Transom · Eric Winick

The Nadeaus had a secret: the husband liked to wear women’s clothes.

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