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What do Stockholm, Amsterdam, Phoenix, and Bozeman have in common? Well,

The Yodeler

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Boulder MT 9-year-old, Brigid Reedy, may be young, but she can

Dave Arnott R.I.P

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[UPDATE: Added Paul Rose's memorial song.] Lost another friend and great keyboardist,

HV033- Political People

Jefferson’s ghost, Toqueville’s ride, and other remnants of a revolution, found in the rural electorate.

Burning Men

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Trouble ahead: Trouble mounts: Trouble arrives: Just another Saturday night at the compound. 'Course

Scat, Bear

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Several age-old questions have long plagued man's mind. Today we discovered

Life with Coal

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Work by: Barrett Golding

HV contributed to a half-hour doc produced by Eric Mack for


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A new movie on MT mtn sheep-herders, " Sweetgrass": An unsentimental elegy

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