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HV112- Native America

A tour of our nation’s First Nations, by canoe and on horseback.

HV055- Wordshakers

For Poetry Month: Poems, Grits, Glory, Verve.

HV039- Portrait of a Plague

For AIDS Awareness Day.

HV125- City of Angels

We’re occupying the streets of Los Angeles; our demands: bring us stories.

Gil Scott-Heron

By 2011.05.28 tags: , , . Comment»

Gilbert "Gil" Scott-Heron April 1, 1949 – May 27, 2011: Above video

What Teachers Make: Mali

By 2011.03.03 tags: , , . 1 Comment»

A video of a poem by Taylor Mali (who's been on

Paul Bowles’ Birthday

By 2010.12.30 tags: , , , , . 1 Comment»

Today is the 100th birthday of writer/composer Paul Bowles (December 30,

Langston Hughes Blues

By 2010.09.19 tags: , , , . Comment»

"I tried to write poems like the songs they sang on

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