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Mission Control: SomaFM

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NASA recently helped launch the net radio channel Third Rock Radio,

HV064- Outer Space

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HV/Series/Episode/ Work by: Barrett Golding · Larry Massett

For the anniversary of the first Man on the Moon, July 20th 1969.

Cymbal Slowed

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A slowed-down cymbal crash at 1K frames/second: Fluke and Propadata Films "teamed


By 2010.09.17 tags: , , . Comment»

WNYC Radiolab has been mixing mediums, combining their stellar science pubradio

BP Cares

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Finally a reason for twitter to exist… BP Public Relations (BPGlobalPR) on

HV006- Radio Dial

Radio stories about radio, and stories about radio stories.

Islands from Space

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Wired has selected some staggering NASA images of islands in "Out


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Drove 1100-miles in 19 hours last Wednesday -- MT to NoCal

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