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Playtagger- Mod

By 2011.10.06 tags: , , , . 2 Comments»

The Delicious Playtagger seems to be gone, for now, maybe forever--

WordPress Becomes Self-Aware

Technologists have identified the moment of conception, the instant life begins...

iPhone Antenna

By 2011.01.11 tags: . Comment»

We have an exclusive pic of the new Verizon iPhone. Regarding


By 2010.10.16 tags: , , . Comment»

Funny 'cause it's too true, the latest xkcd, "Tech Support:" Wondering about

Achtung iPad

The revus are in... "Hitler responds to the iPad" I thot f'sure Obama

Future Grook

By 2009.12.11 tags: , , . Comment»

PRESENCE OF MIND You'll conquer the present suspiciously fast if

xkcd- Droid v iPhone

By 2009.11.19 tags: , , , . Comment»

xkcd on iPhone vs Droid vs Life: xkcd #662 © Randall Munroe

Keitai Shosetsu

By 2009.11.10 tags: , , , , . Comment»

Keitai is Japenese for cell-phone, shōsetsu for novel; so keitai shōsetsu

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