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HV029- Old School

Stories from inside the classroom.

Eleven: Sara and Pogo

By 2012.03.06 tags: , , . Comment»

Damn this guy's good, another Pogo creation: This is my remix of

HV100- Stories of Transformation

Two audio diaries: a street kid wises up and a person born in the wrong body.

Tahrir Storify

"Voices from Tahrir", a Storify list of sources, resources, sounds, inspirations,

HV131- Voices from Tahrir

Eyewitness, first-person accounts of the January 2011 Egyptian uprising.

HV127- Behind the Beat

Music makers on making music, a French vocalist, a Brazilian percussionist, a Mozart Festival, and a high school sax player with immigration issues.

HV120- Dear Diary

Audio documents of daily life.

HV060- Getting Out

The school years of a downtown DC African-American teen.

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