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J Data Age

A global tour of J-based data-viz, from IBM Many Eyes to

SocMedia Count

"Gary's Social Media Count" stats, sources and script from Personalize Media,

Oddio Art

Our "Oddio Art" automated hyperactive audio-art generator features Martin Luther King


Ad agency Wieden+Kennedy has, what I consider, a rarity: a well-implemented Flash site.

Keyboard Drum Kit

Time suck alert— Qwerty-rock with your keyboard on this Drum Kit. via

Olympic Medals Map

An interactive (flash) Olympic Medal Count Map/chart/list, from the 1896 Olympic

Iraqi Kurdistan

MediaStorm: Iraqi Kurdistan by Ed Kashi is a photo-portrait of Iraqi

Tony-b Machine

Tony-b Machine is a interactive flash/programmation that incorporates audio samples to

HEMA Store

Now here's how to sell some stuff: HEMA - online winkelen.

Elf Yourself

Just when you think the web is a crass commerical lowest

End of Ze World

Oldie, but a web classic (originally a Flash creation by dunno-who),

Sound Tracker

AARP Prime Time Radio has posted a photo-audio gallery of Gordon

Goggles Flight Sim

Goggles, GoogleMaps flash Flight Sim (beta)-- tres kewl. via some velvet blog.

Odd Todd

If you don't know Odd Todd (mentioned in prev post), check