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BP Cares

Finally a reason for twitter to exist… BP Public Relations (BPGlobalPR) on


The House Gates Built is not normally known as a fountain

Radio in Net Age

IP Radio – A vision of radio in the Internet age, by Skyrock CEO.


#pubmedia is the hashtag for Twits to spew 140char-acterizations of any


Matt Dunne, Google’s head of community affairs, names numbers: Each day, Google

Big Switch

From Nicholas Carr's book The Big Switch: All these services hint at

SocMedia Count

"Gary's Social Media Count" stats, sources and script from Personalize Media,

Flame War

Fuqn hilarious— State of the Web 2.009: A CollegeHumor original: "We Didn't

Andrei’s Internet

AndreiC interweaves two simultaneous timelines, his and the intertubes, in this

NPO Discounts

We want to thank the following companies which provide us with

1234567890 Day

"It's time to party like it's 1234567890 – 'cause it is!

Did You Know?

What we know now in the USA, India and China, and