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What do Stockholm, Amsterdam, Phoenix, and Bozeman have in common? Well,

The Yodeler

Boulder MT 9-year-old, Brigid Reedy, may be young, but she can

Dave Arnott R.I.P

[UPDATE: Added Paul Rose's memorial song.] Lost another friend and great keyboardist,

HV033- Political People

Jefferson’s ghost, Toqueville’s ride, and other remnants of a revolution, found in the rural electorate.

Burning Men

Trouble ahead: Trouble mounts: Trouble arrives: Just another Saturday night at the compound. 'Course

Scat, Bear

Several age-old questions have long plagued man's mind. Today we discovered

Life with Coal

HV contributed to a half-hour doc produced by Eric Mack for


A new movie on MT mtn sheep-herders, " Sweetgrass": An unsentimental elegy

Montana Mitzvah

The NYTImes caught this canine-capitol-Chanukah connection: "Montana Rabbi Lends an

Mtn Music Film

The new movie "The Mountain Music Project" (by HV producer Jack

Bear in Back

Q (at dawn): Why was my dog backing like crazy early

Pie Ribbons

Breaking News: Ben Lloyd, artitect, intellect, and corn-crust wizard of Comma Q,

Elk Season

A classic Montana scenario: Just got this email & photo from

Mt Blackmore

Up Mount Blackmore the other day, 10,128 ft (Hyalite Range, Gallatin

Chris Pazder

Came back from our bike trip to learn Chris Pazder, an

Leni Holliman

Radio producer Leni Holliman died this week. She a PRX Most