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Cymbal Slowed

A slowed-down cymbal crash at 1K frames/second: Fluke and Propadata Films "teamed


WNYC Radiolab has been mixing mediums, combining their stellar science pubradio

BP Cares

Finally a reason for twitter to exist… BP Public Relations (BPGlobalPR) on


Drove 1100-miles in 19 hours last Wednesday -- MT to NoCal

Blue Earth Arc

The blue arc of Earth, photographed by the European Space Agency-

Kagu Calls

EarthEar is back as a CD label and a new blog,

Water and Air

From the Science Photo Library: Global water and air volume: Conceptual computer

Seeing Sound

Collin Cunningham of Make Magazine sonically induces some strange behaviors in

Darwin Day

Charles Robert Darwin (12 February 1809 – 19 April 1882)— A couple