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HV068- Jean Shepherd 2

The final hour of a two-part tribute to radio raconteur Jean Shepherd, produced by Harry Shearer for KCRW.

Interviewing 3.0

Interviewing tips from pubradio pros, compiled by Virtuoso Voices.

Be A Frog

Heard this morn on KGLT, a new Flaming Lips silly song

HAL Sings Daisy

Arthur C. Clarke chose HAL's 2001 music cuz 'twas the same

Hey Pretty

A while back we posted the audio to this spoken-weird collaboration

Oddio Art

Our "Oddio Art" automated hyperactive audio-art generator features Martin Luther King

BG on iTunes

PRX is getting into the digital record-label biz, and their first

Auto-Tuned News

Videos by The Gregory Brothers switch newsmakers from speech to song.

rx in the UK

A smashup of Sex Pistols' trax, performed by Brit PM Gordon

ECC- Rocked

Video (by Kenny Haner) of the Evolution Control Committee's classic splice-happy