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"MOVE" by director Rick Mereki: 3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18

HV118- Hiker/Biker

Trekking with the Queen of Bhutan, bike-tripping Yellowstone Park, and trailing a Fanatic Reactionary Pedestrian.

Jake Bangkok Pix

Jake's in Bangkok and snapping away… Temple Rules; Bangkok, Thailand: Chastity Belt Michael;

HV040- Spirit World

Ritual magic, the Psychic Center of the World, and a night on the spiritual Mecca of Mt. Shasta.

Sleep Food Gas

Food is out of the question till you get to the border.

Moving Away

I thought — in that hazy hopeful time right after graduation and before my foolish marriage that I could be a bohemian.

Erie Canal

TAL crossed the 400th episode line with an hour of "Stories

Iraq: From Dubai

["Iraq: Christmas 2009": observations, images and sounds from Iraq, Christmas 2009,

Fling A Ding

From Trent Harris' video travel webisode series Fling A Ding series: FLINGADING