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Playtagger- Mod

The Delicious Playtagger seems to be gone, for now, maybe forever--

PRX Shares

PRX brought enuf for the whole class: they're now Sharing Pieces

Web Now.Oatmeal

"This is the web right now" —The Oatmeal. From Feeding Humans

J Data Age

A global tour of J-based data-viz, from IBM Many Eyes to


HV is heavily involved in a new collaborative project/domain, the PubMedia


The House Gates Built is not normally known as a fountain

Joe Frank FB

Sure Facebook sux. But it has its moments; and many of

Third Coast Reborn

The Third Coast International Audio Festival celebrates their transition to an

The [Un]Observed

The [Un]Observed is a new Radio Magazine whose stories cross genres,


#pubmedia is the hashtag for Twits to spew 140char-acterizations of any


Matt Dunne, Google’s head of community affairs, names numbers: Each day, Google

FU FB Group

There's a new Group on Facebook called FU FB: For taking our

Keitai Shosetsu

Keitai is Japenese for cell-phone, shōsetsu for novel; so keitai shōsetsu

Web Infogfx

Six Revisions compiles, from the web, "10 Revealing Infographics about the

The Corner

Among the great oddio-viz coming out of Maker's Quest is The