WORD: A (Bucky) Fuller Universe
by beedge (© 1994) from New Dimensions Journal

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HEARD: Artifacts of Buckminster Fuller by Scott Carrier
An Audio Documentary in 10 (real 28K) parts :

1) Expo '67 World's Fair (2:35)
Amy Edmondson, author: A Fuller Explanation
``Something should be going on in here..."
2) The Geometry of Thinking (1:58)
E. J. Applewhite, co-author: Synergetics
``Our thoughts have shapes..."
3) The Hierarchy of Life (2:36)
Dr. Donald Ingber, Cancer Researcher
``This is the way nature works..."
4) 1927 Lake Michigan (1:59)
Amy Edmondson, Fuller Colleague
``You don't belong to you; you belong to the Universe..."
5) Pulling Things Together (3:11)
Kenneth Snelson, Tensegrity Sculptor
``It looked like an Indian rope trick..."
6) Tensile Integrity (3:01)
Andrew Culver, Musician
``You don't need the earth on which to hang it..."
7) World Game (2:30)
Amy Edmondson, Fuller's Engineering Assistant
``They had Elsie the Cow in there, things like that..."
8) Tribal Tunnels (2:20)
John Cage, Musician
``Not to change man, but to change the environment..."
9) Raining Farm Tractors (3:00)
J. Baldwin, author: BuckyWorks
``Any fool can destroy stuff..."
10) An Odd Neglect (1:14)
Amy Edmondson, author: A Fuller Explanation
``Envisioning the future in a positive way..."
Tetrahedrons by
Richard Hawkins
Inspired by Bucky Fuller
Fuller U...

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