C-Span Is Hot

As mentioned before I’m hooked on C-Span. Mainly for it’s raw unedited info, and insight into how-.gov-works. But also for it’s moments of pure real-life theatre, like during last weeks’ Senate Hearings on Global Warming, in this interaction b/w witness Fmr VP Gore and Senators Inhofe and Boxer:

What was more enlightening, tho, was the educated exchanges Gore had w/ senators on both sides of the aisle. Sure the occasional pol proposed things like sunspots as cause for globe.warm (really, a Senator said that: sunspots). But most — GOP and Dem — were informed, concerned and open to learning more. Here’s Sen Clinton and the fmr Veep:

Highly recommended you stream this thing: all 2+ hours of the C-Span (RealMedia) coverage. As a contrast, read CJR Daily‘s eval of network sound-bitten reports on Gore’s testimony to both houses.

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