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I always tell people: I’m never unrewarded for watching C-Span. Proving the point was yesterday’s Valerie Plame Speaks Before Congress. The testimony turned to live theatre as the audience flashed signs in front of the cameras. The funniest was a guy (I think) dressed in pink as a woman, with a t-shirt that read: “Impeach Bush”:

But forget politics, I like C-Span for its raw undedited information. After Ms. Plame came Bill Leonard, National Archives director of Security. He gave clear, concise testimony on how a document gets classified, and how long it stays classified, and how it gets declassified — procedures I and, I’d guess, most folk never knew. Edifying and entertaining — who sez C-Span is boring?BTW, I read a conjecture that Pink Man above might be Code Pink. Or maybe he’s Pink Bloque; Jonathan Menjivar and I did a story on them a while back.

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[…] mentioned before I’m hooked on C-Span. Mainly for it’s raw unedited info, and insight into […]

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