96 Tears & a Stripper

As head of the HV radio project, I’m always pleased to get such promising emails about ongoing productions — this one’s about Ann & Kara’s (w/ Rick Moody) Song & Memory series:

From:   Ann Heppermann
Subject: finally a fucking awesome story!
Date: 	April 25, 2007 10:44:32 AM MDT
To:   Barrett Golding
Cc:   Kara Oehler

Hey Barrett,

We got a fucking awesome story from Anthony Bourdain about his most
memorable song from childhood, 96 Tears.  He told us how he lost his
virginity to a stripper named Panama up in the Catskills. And
pyrotechnics, and drugs...

He actually said this phrase "This song...was a direct line to
heroin." And not in a sad sappy kind of way, but, fuck yeah, i was
going to be cooler than all you other kids.

OK.  we're just really excited.

ann and kara
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Comments (2)

bourdain is an excellent storyteller — I’ve read most of his books but unfortunately (fortunately?!) I don’t have cable so I haven’t seen his tv show. always like the odd or bizarre but appropriate conjunctions he draws…

Comment added by josef verbanac on 04.26.07

I heard Anthony Bourdain on NPR yesterday talking about how 96 Tears was a big part of his youth. I laughed out loud when he said Question Mark was the kind of dangerous guy who would check out your medicine cabinet. I never get tired of this song. I always feel great when I hear it.

Comment added by Lesley Faber on 06.10.07

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