Young Folks

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OK, it’s official. Peter, Bjorn & John’s “Young Folks” is a music phenom. I can’t play it (on KGLT-Bozeman) w/o someone calling and demanding details. Personally, I think the song’s just OK, but combine that listener response with this tres kewl vid:

And here’s where phenom-ville starts- Old folks (mostly) have now done “Young Folks” bluegrass-style (dawn Landes & the WEST Band):

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MenjiMan: love it. that was great. just to reinterate J.Menj’s comment (with a shorter url), here’s Nonstop Robot Fighting Machine (aka, talented buncha shorties) vers of “Knife”:

hadn’t heard the song (or band) before- like it. here’s the orig by Grizzly Bear:

Comment added by Barrett Golding on 04.12.07

And just in case you two kewl guys didn’t know about this band.

Welcome to Loney Dear

Besty to bothy,

Comment added by Ann Heppermann on 04.12.07

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