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HV audio was all over pubradio last weekend. Jake Warga searched Ethiopia for “The Perfect Photo” on All Things Considered. On This American Life Scott Carrier, in Salt Lake City, watched “The Lake Effect” form as SLC mayor Rocky Anderson debated FOX New’s Sean Hannity.

Coast Guard salutes at grave.I finished a bike “Trek through Yellowstone, Part 2” for Weekend America. “Part 1” was the weekend america before, as was Scott C’s “Steelhead Fishing” trip. And a final grand total of 384 stations broadcast our “For the Fallen” special.

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How do I get to hear the Hearing Voices episode from this afternoon, 7/9/2011 about Monticello?

BTW what’s URI?

Comment added by Ruth Pennoyersiturr on 07.09.11

the Monticello show you heard was not ours. guessing you caught Studio 360’s Monticello special:

Comment added by BG on 07.11.11

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