Brian Briggs- Brian Damage

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CD coverFor a while I’ve hoped for a CD-release or mp3s of Brian Briggs classic 1980 wave record Brian Damage — both my copy and that of the local station, KGLT-Bozeman, have gone missing. Well, wait and ye shall find (motto of the Internet?), it’s now up at the Play It Again, Max blog, “featuring out-of-print LPs never issued on CD.” Lotsa great tunes on the album, but the KGLT fave was this story song about a Frankie & Moe’s fast & furious game of chicken: train vs. scooter, “See You on the Other Side” (3:33 mp3):

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Oh, how I wish I could get this on MP3!!!!! This song is like an old friend–played it to death right after I graduated from college in 1981.

Comment added by Amelie Frank on 08.30.08

Amelie, you can: control-click on the “mp3” text-link above, and download/save.

Comment added by BG on 08.30.08

OMG! Thank you! Marry me! I am eternally grateful!

Comment added by Amelie Frank on 11.27.08

They should make a video of the whole
Thing & I love the lead it’s great very

Comment added by chez on 06.26.15

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