Rolling Confusion

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Most mashups are mess ups, uninspiring overlays of songs whose combination adds nothing but a bit of sonic amusement. Sometimes, tho, these musical Chimeras form a melodic and lyrical whole, which is equal or even greater than its parts. When that happens, the mashup is often by one of the forms foremost practitioners, Mark Vidler, aka, Go Home Productions.

His new Spliced Kripsies collection has several gems. Best is “Rolling Confusion” which mashes The Rolling Stones (‘Street Fighting Man,’ ‘Gimme Shelter,’ and drums from ‘Slave’) with The Temptations ‘Ball Of Confusion’ (3:47 mp3):

GHP gives away hi-fi (320kbps) mp3s, but doesn’t keep them up long, so grab ’em while they’re hot. He also mashes video to match the audio, and has production notes for each. About the audio:

Absolutely love Beggars Banquet and that whole era of the Stones. Had to slow the tempo of the Temps vocal to fit but I think I got away with it. Quite like the way that the track slips between half and double time…you can’t dance to it. The drum break is pilfered from ‘Slave’ off the ‘Tattoo You’ album.

This video was the last to get completed. There’s no promo for the Stones track, so I had ‘improvise’ so the footage is actually from ‘Jumping Jack Flash’ and ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ performed as part of their Circus spot from 1968. Similar problem with Ball Of Confusion but there was enough ‘vocal’ footage to fill a couple of verses. Amazing how relevant the lyrics of BOC are today. Frighteningly relevant.

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