Duelling XMTRs!

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If you’re a fan of static, noise, confusion, and disorienting disembodied voices — and who isn’t? — then check ShortWaveMusic’s latest Duelling XMTRs!, “The Dance of Heaven’s Ghosts.” Blogger Myke Weiskopf captures the broadcasts of multiple transmitters on the same SW radio frequency. Sez Myke: “I hear whale songs, slamming doors, airport paging voices, jet turbines, cicadas, Emergency Broadcast System tones, a Wagnerian female choir, perhaps even the Perseid meteors themselves. It’s The Ghost Orchid crossed with The River multiplied by Kurzwellen, all generated by the simplest synthesis of skywave and transistor.”

Caught on shortwave (09/23/2007 unidentified stations 6155 kHz) “Duelling XMTRs! #7: Kurzwellen Turbine Forest” (7:34 mp3):

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