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New protools|blog by PT Software Strategist, Scott Church. There’s also the ProMedia Pro Tools Training Center, the ProToolerBlog, the Pro Tools Users community, and the Yahoo! Pro_Tools group.

via Gregg- Undercurrents and Rich- SoundRcih.

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i recently got the mbox2. i need to bounce a project out of protools. my problem is the 48 track limit. i tried to make inactive tracks in order to make active others above the 48 track limit but those tracks above 48 although grey and not playable were “active.” is there a simple solution to make the tracks over the 48 limit playable so i can bounce them to disk? thanks, john

Comment added by john leaman on 06.16.09

john, this really isn’t a forum for finding PT fixes; the place for that is the Digidesign User Conference:

but here’s something to try:
make a Save As… copy of your PT session and delete the Inactive trax in the copy till you’ve got less than 48. then Bounce from that copy.

Comment added by BG on 06.19.09

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