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Work by: Neenah Ellis

Yellow Spring OH logoNPR and Indie producer Neenah Ellis is the new General Manager at WYSO-FM Yellow Springs, Ohio, owned by Antioch University. Congrats to Neenah, and to WYSO for a fine choice. Dayton Daily News:WYSO picks NPR veteran as new GM.”

Hear Neenah’s HV Hour.

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To Neenah Ellis:

Many years ago, you did two programs touching on your ancestors in Dalmatia: one of them was about plants (I think), and the other was titled “You can’t go home again”. They are very likely of interest to members of the Slavonic Center (the Croatian American Center), of San Francisco, which was founded by Dalmatians, and whose membership largely consists of Americans of Dalmatian descent (

Can you make recordings of these shows available to members and friends of the Center (mp3, DVD, etc.), either for them to listen to, or possibly to be posted on their web site?

Thanks – jon

Comment added by Jonathan Ryshpan on 01.11.09

Hi Neenah,

Congratulations on the new position. I was thrilled to hear that you had moved into a GM spot. I never had any doubts about your rise to the top. Valpo was a good training ground. I have many precious memories about my time there and about the opportunities that your folks provided for me.

Keep up the good work. All the best.


Comment added by Bill Newbrough on 05.27.09

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