HV Survey #2- Pubradio

Our new survey awaits your answers. Tell us what radio programs you listen to. Tell us your favorite radio programs. Tell us if you still listen to radio over the radio, or over that there Intertubes .

Take our short 5-question Pubradio Survey.

Or check the HV Survey #2 Results thus far.

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[…] been collecting comments in our current Pubradio Survey. Most folk are hooked on HV’s series; a few can’t stand it. We’ve posted a few of […]

Pingback added by HV Love/Hate : HearVox on 05.07.09

I love the show and cannot, for the life of me, understand how to navigate this site. Are there MP3’s available? Is so, where?

Comment added by lex on 06.14.09

Is the website a deliberate or accidental mess?

Comment added by lex on 06.14.09

Dear HV,

Since the Shure Ec3-s isolating earphones recommended in the H V “shop” section are now out of production, can you please tell me what you are recommending now?

Thanks for a wonderful listening treasure chest of programs!


Comment added by eddie on 12.15.11

Our shop? i forgot that even existed. anyroad: since that line of Shures discontinued, i’ve been very please with the Ultimate Earsin-ear monitors:

truthfully, tho, i always just ask the people at HeadRoom (above URL) what they like, as they’ve always steered me right.

Comment added by BG on 12.17.11

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