ATC Theme Overload

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Work by: Larry Massett

All Things Considered logoOn WFMU’s Beware of the Blog is an ATC Theme Overload. More than a dozen mp3s of the All Things Considered “dinks,” along w/ a link to listener suggested lyrics.

There’s the seminal sappy synth:
“ATC Theme- 1971 original” (1:52 mp3):

The breathy brass of the:
“ATC Theme- Washington Saxophone Quartet” (0:29 mp3):

To which we’ll add our own:
“ATC Theme- Dinky the Dingo” by Larry Massett (2:12 mp3):

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Comments (2)

Great list! Let’s not forget a great, not-quite-official version–the ATC theme as performed by a symphony of truck horns at the 2006 Super Bowl:

Comment added by Karla on 05.21.09

What happened to the solo double bass version of the theme. It was slower and of course, heavier.

Comment added by Win Hinkle on 06.16.14

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