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Flowers and text: Sexy ProposalJust found out about the Lucky Dragons: sound-tech-music-visual collage artists. Lotsa listening and downloads of LD trax at the Free Music Archive and their site: Lukey Dargons (LD = Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara).

Here’s some scales off the Lucky Dragons…

A nice string thing, “Home” (0:58 mp3):

Street sounds with sweet vocals, the first track off the Dark Falcon album, “heartbreaker” (2:06 mp3):

One of their “audio reconstructions and rearrangements of field recordings from 4 anti-war protests” on hawks and sparrows, “track 7” (3:00 mp3):

And this Fader TV report, on an LD audio-invention, starts slow but gets good, so stick with:

LD links: site | space | shop/ | tube | blog | fma

via Some Velvet Blog.

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