Tufte Wavefields

Multi-D infographics potential from the Edward Tufte (statistician, sculptor, designer) podcast

Edward Tufte: Wavefields

Ask E.T. “Wavefields: intense animated data graphics”:

“Wavefields” are data graphics that draw on and completely fill the entire display surface, using every pixel on the data plane to show high-resolution, complex, multiple, animated statistical data-flows. Wavefields extend my work on sparklines.…

As the metaphor for sparklines is the resolution of typography, the metaphor for wavefields is the HD video, which records approximately 1 gigabyte per minute, a data throughput that might finally make our statistical graphics worthy of the powers of the human eye-brain system.

[Note that E.T. leaves out “ear” from the “human eye-brain system” — his audio reflects his sonic neglect.]

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