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SLC Mayor Rocky Anderson on-stage debating FOX News host Sean HannityHearing Voices from NPR®
103 Political Party: For Election Season
Host: Barrett Golding of Hearing Voices
Airs week of: 2010-10-27

“Political Party” (52:00 mp3):

Let’s rev-up this election process with a cross-county Political Party:

“Salt Lake City Debate” (2007 / 15:52) Scott Carrier

Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson publicly debates FOX News host Sean Hannity. The spectacle took place inside a chasm called Us versus Them. Produced in 2007 for This American Life; music: Rickie Lee Jones, “Nobody Knows My Name” from Sermon On Exposition Boulevard.

“Yeagh” (2004 / 1:08) James Lileks

Politics can be frustrating. It can make you scream — which made one Presidential candidate became famous for. Here’s Howard Dean’s scream put to music (more mixes at James Lileks’ Bleatophony).

“Kids on Constitution” (1986 / 3:01) Dmae Roberts

From the 1980s archives, we present this pre-teen perspective on our government’s founding document.

“Youth and Politics” (2004 / 7:15) Barrett Golding & Jonathan Menjivar

We wondered what college students think of the political process. So we took a tour of Chicago campuses and asked them — everyone from a Young Republican meet-up leader to a WTO-protesting anarchist. Excerpted from the WBEZ Chicago Matters documentary “Dream of Democracy.”

“Waiting on the Word to Change” (Obama mix) (2008 / 1:10 excerpt) John Mayer

Leap-year mix from the CD Yes We Can: Voices of a Grassroots Movement (Barack Obama).

“Taxman Obama vs Rx” (2010 / 1:46) Rx

The Beatles’ beaurocrat becomes embodied by Barack Obama.

“Auto-Tune the News” (2009 / 7:03) Barrett Golding

The band The Gregory Brothers are turning newscasters, pundits and politicians into “unintentional” pop-singers by auto-tuning their spoken voices into sung melodies. Their “Auto-Tune the News” series of videos have multi-Meg views on YouTube. We interview Michael and Evan Gregory about their artificial (art-official?) interactions with media’s talking heads.

“Lift Up Your Heart” (2007 / 1:18 ) The Gregory Brothers

Winston Churchill backed by band from the future; an inspiring speech, turned into an auto-tuned Songified History. (Check the GregBros’ latest: “I’m Not a Witch.”)

“Rap and Politics” (2004 / 3:14) Barrett Golding & Jonathan Menjivar

Do politics and music mix? Our campus tour of Chicago continues at Harold Washington College, a Freestyle Rap Competition, .

“Capitol View- Montana” (2010 / 6:44) Barrett Golding

The Montana state legislature meets only a few months every two years. The rest of the time, there’s just regular folk. From the Capitol Building in Helena, while in session in January 2010, we hear from these citizen legislators.

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It is very certain that the political party of the United States of America, which rose to power in the year of 1961, should allow other political parties, to do a political competition, because the Democratic Party, do not allow donations of money, for the public individuals, that one was the Only economic power in the American country, before the years from 1960, and were no social crimes and fights, at the business from the Industrials power., the American society relies heavily on donations, from the hand from powerful man, for the American business, as for anyone in the american public, the Democratic Party, they can donate money only to public societies, in the past, before the 1961, the country’s power in North America, were with social peace, due to the largess sume from Money donations, that allowed for the aristocratic party, who also donated money for political figures, to prevent they dealing with economic`s powers of other countries, and to prevente, the U.S. power, lost political power in the world, American businessmen wanted to say and help man, in the American politics, for them to can have, a more aristocratic life, in the past, as for a politician, could help with sums of Money, as U.S 50,000.00 per year, for each one, it as a part of salary , and was not a crime, but in the change, for the political power from the aristocrats, before December 1961, and after uploading the Democratic power after December 1961, that it was a felony to receive any Money donations, the Democrats claimed they no longer wanted, donations to the public, the Democrats wanted to be a game more like communism, but the Democrats do not know how to solve social problems, and those want it, to give a solution, much like as the communism, there are not even exist, such public help, in the communism to give public solutions, or public assistance, the most crude truth, it is that in the communism, the each individuals, they must to meet their needs, no aid is allowed, it is a crime to work for another person, everyone must to work for themselves, alter all which is Communism?
( that the Self-respect, in where everyone does their own work, without selling your life)
!!!!! It is in the capitalismo, in where it exists, the public assistance, the public donations, ha, ha, ha, but that if they have to be “who” give public donations, the assistance that helps, to prevent social problems, they do the powerful businessmen, and the capitalism, and they are powerful businessmen, they whom make donations, but only with the approval of the political party, and businessmen who pool their sums right there in banks

Comment added by anonymous on 01.28.11

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