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damali ayo panhandling for reparations paymentsIn this week’s HV cast— A woman sits cross-legged, panhandling on a busy city sidewalk. She takes money only from white folks, and gives it to blacks who pass by. Her sign reads: “200 Years of Slavery in the United States. Reparation payments accepted here.” damali ayo is a street performance artist. “I offer people a convenient opportunity to pay for the unpaid labor of African Americans.” This piece is part of her “living flag” project. A story by Dmae Roberts and damali ayo, “Living Flag- Reparations” (9:02 mp3):

Iron Cross Rocks Junta cast

Members of Iron CrossThis week’s HV cast is in support of Burmese demonstraters: The popular Burmese rock band Iron Cross is using music to challenge the nation’s infamously repressive regime. In the great tradition of rock and roll, Iron Cross is taking on Burma’s military government with song. A story by Scott Carrier, “Iron Cross Battles Burmese Repression” (7:39 mp3):

Desert Air 2 cast

Geyser in Black Rock desertThis week’s HV cast: The last half of A Hot & Dry Summer Special, hosted by Ben Adair of APM Weekend America: The Quiet American (Aaron Ximm) sound-captures the forbidding warning signs rattling in a harsh wind and “Desert Sun” outside the nuclear Nevada Test Site north of Las Vegas. Back in the early 1990s, SLC producer Scott Carrier found the Basin & Range, near Nevada’s “Battle Mountain,” beautiful, lonely, dreary, and full of sagebrush, solace and stories. And more of Bernie Krause’s Desert Solitudes. A special from Hearing Voices, “Desert Air 2- of 2” (29:00 mp3):

Desert Air 1 cast

Geyser in Black Rock desertThis week’s HV cast: The first half of A Hot & Dry Summer Special, hosted by Ben Adair of APM Weekend America: Coyotes, owls, frogs and songbirds are part of Desert Solitudes, recorded by Bernie Krause and Ruth Happel in the Sonoran and Chihuauan deserts, part of New Mexico’s panhandle. Host Ben Adair heads down to the ghost towns, Opera Houses, century-old abandoned mines, and billion-year old boulders along Death Valley’s “Mojave Road.” And Kraut-rockers Faust dial in “Long Distance Calls in the Desert,” from their album Rien. A special from Hearing Voices, “Desert Air 1- of 2” (23:00 mp3):

Remedial Theory cast

Photos from the Haugue trialThis week’s HV cast: Great literature allows us to learn to empathize with the experiences of others. So how is it a man now on trial for crimes against humanity is an avid reader of fiction? Might he simple be reading the wrong books? A trip to The Hague to hand-deliver the ‘right’ books to Slobodan Milosevic. A story by Ben Walker, “Remedial Theory” (13:29 mp3):

Long Day on Road cast

Tombstone, with picture of car in City of the DeadThis week’s HV cast is Sleepless in Tbilisi. A twenty-four hour tour, from Turkish baths to Batumi beaches, through the country of Georgia. High-speed sight-seeing driven by the accidental tourguide: “a ‘detective,’ or ‘special police,’ or ‘security force.’ It’s not clear. Sometimes he even says ‘KGB,’ though that no longer exists… does it?” A story by Larry Massett, “Long Day on the Road” (14:52) mp3):

Charles Bowden cast

Bowden book coverThis week’s HV cast is a portrait of the non-fiction writer Charles Bowden, told by the people he’s written about and the editors he’s worked with. Bowden lives in Tucson, Arizona, and has written extensively on the cultural and physical environment of the Southwest. His style is both harsh and beautiful, and somewhat painful to read, as he takes the position that we are all to blame, or perhaps that there is no one is to blame, for the violent and destructive acts committed against nature and society. He writes about child molesters, drug traffickers, savings and loan executives, real estate developers, and crooked politicians in a way that implicates all of us. And so his work has been largely ignored. These interviews, hopefully, will help end his anonymity. A story by Scott Carrier, “The Thing Just Beyond Our Reach” (22:41 mp3):