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Major James Lockridge after learning of an IED explosion that killed 5

Iraq: Major Lockridge- Bohemian Rhapsody {format} 2:47 Jake Warga

The first of our Iraq Soldier's Soundtrack series: Embedded with the 3rd Infantry Division, US Army, Baghdad, the producer plugged into the soldier's iPods and asked them what they were listening to, why they liked the song, and what their lives were like. To Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," Major James Lockridge tells us, "The United States Army can go anywhere at anytime or anyplace. I learned that during the first war. I wouldn't want to be anybody that had to face the United States."

Broadcast: Mar 22 2010 on PRI/WGBH/BBC The WorldSeries: Soldier's Soundtrack- Iraq Subjects: Music, War