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Software Dev Cycle

The life cycle of a software, from “How the customer explained it” to “How the project leader understood it” to “What marketing advertised” to “What the customer really needed.”

Software Development Life Cycle [SDLC]

Illustrations: Project Cartoon (adapted by Mina Isaac)
Video: Iman Louis
Music (“Technologic”): Daft Punk

Make your own Project Cartoon.

HV067- Jean Shepherd 1

Jean Shepherd in WOR studio, 1970Hearing Voices from NPR®
067 Jean Shepherd 1: A Voice in the Night
Host: Harry Shearer of Le Show
Airs week of: 2010-07-14 (Originally: 2009-08-12)

“Jean Shepherd 1” (52:00 mp3):

Hour one in this two-part tribute to radio raconteur Jean Shepherd:

“Jean Shepherd (Part 1 of 2)” (52:00) Harry Shearer

Jean Shepherd used words like a jazz musician uses notes, winding around a theme, playing with variations, sending fresh self-reflective storylines out into the night. Marshall McLuhan called Shepherd “the first radio novelist.” From 1956-1977 Shep spun his late night stories over WOR radio, New York City. PBS gave him a TV series, “Jean Shepherd’s America.” In 1983 he co-wrote and narrated the film version of his “A Christmas Story.”

Shep inspired a new generation of spoken narrative artists who tap into the American psyche. Among them was Harry Shearer (Le Show), who hosts this two part tribute to Jean Shepherd. Shearer interviews Shep’s co-workers, friends and fans, including Robert Krulwich, Joe Frank, Paul Krassner, and Jules Fieffer.

Thanks to Mr. Shearer, KCRW– Santa Monica (and Sarah Spitz), NPR, and Art Silverman for production support, and for allowing us to re-air this two-hour tribute. This is part one; part two is next week.

One time I woke up at 3 o’clock in the morning. My radio was still on, and a man was talking about how you would try to explain the function of an amusement park to visitors from Venus. It was Jean Shepherd. He was on WOR from midnight to 5:30 every night, mixing childhood reminiscence with contemporary critiques, peppered with such characters as the man who could taste an ice cube and tell you the brand name of the refrigerator it came from and the year of manufacture. Shepherd would orchestrate his colorful tales with music ranging from “The Stars and Stripes Forever” to Bessie Smith singing “Empty Bed Blues.”
–Paul Krassner (from “How the Realist popped America’s cherry“)

The Realist: series of Jean Shepherd essays, Radio Free America, issue #42, #44, #48, #50.

Jean Shepherd – The Great American Fourth of July – PART 1


Inauguration Approximation

They fixed it in the mix:

“The Obama inauguration performance was pre-recorded, as we learned a few days after the event. Here is how the live performance might have actually sounded, for all we know… This is a satirical hypothetical document, not an actual record of what happened on inauguration day. Albeit with a nod to StSanders, numerous viewers have also pointed out that the duration of this video (4’33”) makes it a sort of John Cage tribute.”

via Lucas at WFMU.

This Is a Song

A diagrammatically delineated vid vers of “This Is a Song” by Mitch Friedman:

CD coverFrom Friedman’s CD Game Show Teeth: “A brand new, almost-rock album, featuring Andy Partridge, Dave Gregory, R. Stevie Moore and more.”