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State of News Radio

Journalism.org just released a massive report on The State of the News Media 2007. We @ HV are most taken with revelations in the Radio chapter, such as:

  • most popular format- Country Music.
  • pubradio listeners- NPR 26M, APM 17M, PRI “difficult to track.”
  • Clear Channel gets most of the cash; CBS gets some; the rest split scraps.
  • radio news folk work for peanuts, and lately just for the shells.
  • podcast listeners are pretty evenly spread out b/w 12-54yo, except for those 18-24 who podcast LESS (but a bit more than 55-64).
  • most educated audience- Sports Talk listeners (gotta be to track all those March Madness stats)

When you finish with the factoids, do waste some more time with their “Design Your Own Chart” feature.

We’ll Kick Your Ass

I’m from Montana; don’t mess w/ us…

Jess Ren and Tim Kleppen,Casino Patrons Thwart Robbery
Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Friday 02 Mar 2007, FOUR CORNERS -- A man and a woman were arrested Thursday after a botched robbery attempt at the Grand Slam Casino at Four Corners [Montana USA]. Witnesses said a man armed with a shotgun burst into the casino, located off U.S. 191, at about 6:30 p.m., but he apparently didn't get much farther than the front door before being tackled and disarmed by several casino patrons.

"I saw the gun and thought it was a toy at first," said Tim Kleppen, one of the men who tackled the alleged robber. "Then I saw he had on latex gloves."

Kleppen and Ren, who were walking around the casino drinking beer, realized, "This guy's serious. He's going down," Kleppen said, recalling what he was thinking at the time. "You don't do that in my bar," Kleppen said.

Within seconds, another man named Tyrone, whose last name no one seems to know, grabbed the shotgun, pointing it into the air, while Kleppen and others tried to pin the man to the floor, eventually tying him up with duct tape. The attempted robbery occurred during happy hour, when dozens of construction workers were gathered to drink beer and play keno after work. "Every construction worker's in that bar," Kleppen said as he held a beer and smoked a Marlboro. "This is construction folk. We'll kick your ass."

"We didn't do nothing out of the ordinary. I'd do it again," Kleppen, 45, said in an interview at his home. "This is Four Corners, USA. We take care of our own."