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Silence Among Friends

SALT cast/PRX logoWhile catching up on SALTcast‘s, I caught this gem, a radio story about silence at Quaker meetings, “Silence Among Friends” by Joni Murphy (12:07 mp3):

SALTcast is the podcast of the SALT Institute for Doc Studies (w/ PRX help). Each cast contains an audio story, accompanied by an appropos nugget of journalistic insight from SALT radio instructor Rob Rosenthal. Listen weekly and you’ve got yourself the equivalent of an online J-Skool degree.


The Public Radio Exchange’s PRX 3.0 is unleashed, with a new sliding features collection on the front, playlists, 30sec prevus w/o login, and this nice intro video:

PRX MacArthur Awardee

The MacArthur Foundation selected the Public Radio Exchange for one of its 2008 Award for Creative and Effective Institutions, which comes with half-a-million $mackers. PRX is an audio archive site, an essential public radio tool and community. We at HV use it almost daily. Righteous to see their recogintion. PRX was one of eight orgs chosen for this MacArthur Award.

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