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Did you know about these things? BASE jumping, or really flying, with a “Wingsuit”:

Evel 1938-2007

Born in Butte, Montana; died in Clearwater, Florida. Robert Craig “Evel” Knievel, Jr., October 17 1938 – November 30 2007:
Everywhere in this world I go
No matter who or what I know’
The people they look and most of them stare
And I wonder if they really care
They see this king with his golden crown
Some of them smile but most of them frown

Each time I was hurt they all said
That guy is lucky that he’s not dead
(And they were right.)
But I wanted to get up and try it again
I kept telling myself that I knew I could win
So I’d close my eyes and to the Lord I would pray
Oh help me God… let me walk someday.

And He did.
Every stitch on every scar
Just brought me closer to my dream afar
To be a man and to do my best
To stand alone is my only quest
Success is a term that has broad use
For you and I to have none in life there is no excuse

For YOU to do what I do is not right
But for ME it’s not wrong
What I’ve been trying to tell you all along
Is that it’s got to be
So, if you wonder why
The answer to that is
That just like you… I gotta be me.

–Evel Knievel, 1974

via Ben- Comma Q.

Land of 10,000 Homeless

Voices of the Streets has some “artistic activism” called “Land of 10,000 Homeless,” a music/doc/vid– “Every day, approximately 10,000 people in Minnesota will sleep outside or in temporary shelter. This video allows us a chance to see the world from their eyes:”

The project is by Andrew Turpening; singer is Maria Isa. The audio vers is on the new CD Give US Your Poor. Voices has several other music-docs online, all equally fine.

Merritt Makes Music

Photo by Stephin Merritt stays in NPR studios until he comes up with song. The song is inspired by a Phil Toledano photo (right). Two days later, from a shaky start, he gets a fine tune. The process is all captured on video and in an NPR-ATC report : “NPR Music: Stephin Merritt: Two Days, A Million Faces.”

Memorable quotes from Merritt’s studio incarceration: “Normally I would sit around in a bar…” “The last two snare hits, Agnus and Billy, goes Agnus, Billy, Agnus, Billy…”

The Chase Is On

My niece-in-law, Chase Sbicca, has a new blog, Puddles of Thought. So far she’s linked to 4 vids and I’ve liked ’em all (even her fren’s wedding demo): ie, she’s batting 1000. She’s fresh outta Eugene J school w/ a broadcast degree, an encyclopedic knowledge of several major sports, and an interviewing prowess that’s even bent Beckham. Won’t someone give this future TV sports-reporting star a job?

Iran So Far- SNL Short

Andy Samberg’s (SNL) love song to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, “Iran So Far:”

Sample is Aphex Twin’s “Avril 14th;” singer is Maroon 5’s Adam Levine.

Foux Da Fa Fa

OK, I’ll try not to post an FoTC vid every week, but just had to embed this French lesson from last week’ show, Flight of the Conchords “Foux Da Fa Fa:”

Lions vs Buffalo vs Crocodiles

Also found at WFMU’s Blog, “a battle between a pride of lions, a herd of buffalo, and 2 crocodiles at a watering hole in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.” You gotta watch it all; you’ve never seen nuthin like it. Note: the start may disturb those who have probs w/ how lions shop for meat:

Sharkey Anderson

Laurie Anderson has a new song (“Only an Expert” @ Lincoln Ctr), if indeed something by her can be “new,” cuz it still sounds like Laurie Anderson which ain’t a new sound. But, hey, I’m still a half-a-fan, so I’ll post something old that sounds new and looks great, the “Sharkey’s Day” vid by Laurie Anderson: