5 TOW: Record Elements

TOW Story Assignment: Record Elements

  1. Schedule and record interviews with your subjects.
  2. Gather additional elements for the medium you’ve chosen (e.g., get ambience, sounds, b-roll video).


Mentor Notes

Time to start work on your final story. Don’t procrastinate. Go out and start interviewing today if you can. Once you start, you can see what is working and what isn’t, and then make the necessary changes.

The assignment after this is a rough edit of your story. To get there you’ll have to do three things: record your tape or footage, edit it, and then mix or produce it into a rough version of what will be your final story. That’s a lot of work and it will take way more time than you expect.

For now concentrate on getting your tape or footage. Force yourself to go out and interview the necessary people. Make sure to get them to be specific. General statements don’t usually help. And don’t be afraid to ask personal, even intimate, questions. This is your job as an interviewer.

Also, try to have fun while you’re doing it.

— Scott Carrier, Mentor, TOW Basics: Multimedia Storytelling