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Bozeman Man
Ft Benton Women

No Pie Ribbon Safe

FORT BENTON — Bozeman resident Ben Lloyd screamed into downtown Fort Benton today yelling "Pie Ladies, this is a Throwdown!" He allegedly was packing a secret stash of city-slicker recipes, all of which were likely illegal, immoral, and definitely fattening. "I done it before and I'll do it again," said Lloyd, creator of the new Bozeman High School — yet another controversy which we don't have time to go into now.

His wife Deana was seen spreading gold and silver around town, in an all-too-obvious effort to sway the pie judges. Her jewelry really is exquisite though, and you should check it out at the Summer Celebration, if only to avert your eyes while her out-of-towner, interloper, usurper husband tries to manhandle pie prizes away from the delicate flowers of Fort Benton womenhood.

Hillary Craves Cream Pies, McCain Prefers Fruit

Cascade County Sheriff's deputies monitor the area outside of a Malmstrom Air Force Base housing area Thursday after a uniformed man was allegedly spotted carrying a rifle on base. TRIBUNE PHOTO/RYAN HALL

Presidential pie preferences are highlighting the tough battle ahead in the POTUSA race. Bill and Hillary are coming down on the side of a meringued pastry treat, while GOP front-runner Johnny Mac sez "A pie ain't a pie 'less it's fruity." Some other candidate named Obama, or something like that, expressed a preference for sweet potato pies, which would definitely signal some sorta political pie change -- 'course this guy ain't got an ice cube's hell chances of getting elected, so who cares what deserts he digs.More

Industrial park on track even if malting plant is sold

Construction of a new industrial park north of Great Falls may begin later this year, whether or not the first industrial facility in that area is sold in the coming weeks. More


Voyagers start fast, hold on for victory

MISSOULA — Mike Grace hit a three-run home run in the first inning, Doug Thennis added a solo shot in the sixth, and starting pitcher Daniel Hudson allowed just one hit in four complete innings as the Great Falls Voyagers defeated the Missoula Osprey 7-5 in intradivision Pioneer League action on... More


Crusader for rural development wrapping up term in office

Elton "Mick" Ringsak describes his reaction as stunned to a phone call from the White House on Sept. 15, 2001. More


We should tap our oil sands for energy security

Many Americans don't realize it, but Canada is our number one source of imported oil. More

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