Best of BG

Barrett Golding makes radio and web work. He is Fearless Leader of the Peabody Award-winning pubradio series Hearing Voices from NPR, a Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellow, and a United States Artists Rasmuson Fellow in Media. He was General Manager of KGLT-Bozeman and an NPR Audio Engineer in DC. Other accolades include: the NFCB Silver Reel, the Scripps Howard Award for Journalism Excellence, the ABA Gavel Award, Harvestworks Artist-in-Residence, Montana Arts Council Fellowship, and grants from CPB, NEA, Rockefeller and Andy Warhol Foundations. He is a 35-year volunteer DJ/producer at kick-ass KGLT.

As a WordPress coder he has cared for sites at:

A sampling of sonics by Barrett Golding, aka, The Wandering Jew:

Image for story“Voices from Tahrir” (2012 / 11:40 mp3)

Interviews with the protesters, performers, and planners of the January 25 2011 Tahrir Square uprising in Egypt. Human Rights Watch recorded the interviews and gave me complete access to make this radio story. Includes field-recordings made in the square, collected from citizen journalists and reporters around the world. Aired January 25 2012, the one-year anniversary, on APM The Story and Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcast. A one-hour version aired on Hearing Voices from NPR and the Human Rights Watch podcast.

Image for story“The Pledge” (1997 / 5:23 mp3)

People with different ethnic and regional dialects try to remember the Pledge of Allegiance, and reflect on the the words in this single century-old sentence. Voices collected from around the country; music from a high-school marching band practice. Aired July 4th on NPR All Things Considered.

Image for story“Old Together” (1992 / 2:36 mp3)

Three couples reminisce on their life and love together; original music by Kels Koch, with Skyward. Aired Valentine’s Day on NPR Weekend Edition- Sunday.

Image for story“What is Poetry? (Sandburg)” (2001 / 3:35 mp3)

Carl Sandburg poems and thoughts on poetry, with original music by Skyward. Aired on Carl Sandburg’s birthday on NPR All Things Considered.

Image for story“Silence (Who’s John Cage?)” (1992 / 2:24 mp3)

People answer the question: “Who’s John Cage?” layered over Cage-like sounds and broadcasts. Aired the week of John Cage’s death on NPR All Things Considered.

Image for story“John and Nippy” (2006 / 5:08 mp3)

Rancher John Hoiland describes his life, his work, and the accordion music he plays with his dog Nippy.. Aired on NPR Day to Day.

Image for story“Blackfish” (2007 / 3:57 mp3)

Dr. John Ford of the Vancouver Aquarium can ID individual Orca pods by their calls. He spends nights on the water, with a hydrophone, an underwater mic. Nights, because the days are too noisy. Dr. Ford’s underwater orca recordings are mixed with original music by Racket Ship. Aired on NPR Day to Day.

Image for story“American Dream” (2004 / 4:22 mp3)

Chicago college students consider the definitions (and existence?) of the American Dream. Original music by Racket Ship. Aired on NPR Day to Day.

Image for story“John Ono Lennon” (2005 / 20:40 mp3)

John Ono Lennon, in his own words, on peace, family, and music. Aired the 10th anniversary of his death on NPR All Things Considered.

Image for story“Sun Song” (2002 / 2:47mp3)

Solar particles hitting the Earth’s magnetic field light up the skies with auroras. The particles also emit low frequency electromagnetic waves, a type of natural radio. Every year recordist Steve McGreevy heads north, where reception is best, and points his receiver toward the sky. Original music by Racket Ship. Aired on NPR Living on Earth.

Image for story“Kaddish” (1999 / 3:26 mp3)

Messages on my mother’s tape machine, found after my father’s death; original music by Skyward. Aired on PRI This American Life.

Image for story“Threats and Bribes” (1985 / 4:59 mp3)

Parents talk about raising children, layered over children playing. Original music by Skyward and Joel Phelps. Aired on NPR All Things Considered.