April Audio

A selection of Hearing Voices spring audio hours, with two for Earth Day, and specials for Poetry Month and Yom HaShoah: Holocaust Remembrance Day (27th of Nisan / May 5 2024)

Earth Day

The Earth Sings (HV-007)

NASA world map

NASA world map

Sounds for and from Mother Earth: The Quiet American takes an audio trek through Nepal”s “Annapurna” Circuit. Host Dmae Roberts records Maori music and culture. We hear Pulse of the Planet’s “Extraordinary Sounds From the Natural World.” The band Pamyua mimics creature calls. And from Gregg McVicar and the “Earthsongs” series: Sioux Soprano Bonnie Jo Hunt layers opera over insects (on Robbie Robertson’s Music for the Native Americans). [more…]

The Earth Sings (52:00 mp3):

An Hour of Earth (HV-056)

Sunrise over earth from space

Sunrise over earth

For Earth Day, Sounds from the Ground. Walk on the wild side with earthly tales of animals, environments, and outdoor adventure: We canoe Wyoming’s “Green River” with Scott Carrier. Tom Lopez of ZBS records some samba “Singing Frogs” in Brazil, or are they toads? “Subtext: Communicating with Horses: is Jay Allison’s inter-species conversation. Sarah Vowell has subterranean supper in the Carlsbad Caverns’ “Underground Lunchroom.”. And poet Andrei Codrescu composes a microcosmic “Environment” based on burgers. [more…]

An Hour of Earth (52:00 mp3):

Wordshakers: for Poetry Month (HV-055)

Poets Lord Alfred Tennyson, Allen Ginsberg, and Walt Whitman

Poets Lord Alfred Tennyson, Allen Ginsberg, and Walt Whitman

Host Andrei Codrescu’s “Poetry” redux. Lord Alfred Tennyson leads “The Charge of the Light Brigade.” Thomas Edison waxes Walt Whitman’s “America.” Denise Levertov knows “The Secret.” Carl Sandburg wonders “What is Poetry?” (by Barrett Golding). Scott Carrier wonders about “Alex Caldiero- Poet?” Ed Sanders (fmr Fugs) poses “A Question of Fame.” In New Orleans, a hotdog vendor, barkeep, and stripper are in the “Poetry Combine (by Larry Massett). Jan Kerouac responds to her father’s poetry and parenting in “Jan on Jack” (by Marjorie Van Halteren). Allen Ginsberg runs a “Personals Ad.” [more…]

Wordshakers (52:00 mp3):

Yom HaShoah (HV-009)

March of the Living, survivors at Auschwitz, April 2014

March of the Living, Auschwitz, April 2014 (CC)

Rabbi Samuel Cohon of Temple Emanuel, Tucson and Too Jewish Radio, presents stories of survivors, for Holocaust Remembrance Day (27th of Nisan / April 8 2021): In “Descended from the Holocaust” Dr. Alan Berkenwald records his trip with his parents to the Holocaust Museum — it was first time they talked openly about their experience in the concentration camps; this audio diary is of Jay Allison’s Life Stories. “Yom Hashoah 1994” is Shoah services in Billings MT and Cleveland OH, survivor interviews, and the story of the Billings communities united “Not in Our Town” response that stopped a series of anti-Jewish crimes. The Rhino Records documentary project “Voices of the Shoah: Remembrances of the Holocaust” is drawn from interviews with 180 survivors. Also survivors sing Hebrew, for the first time in years, in a live May 1945 BBC report by Patrick Gordon Walker from the just liberated “Belsen Concentration Camp.” [more…]

Yom HaShoah (52:00 mp3):