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Suburban Dogs

HV intern Max Darham just finished this animation, drawings by Tyler Weedon, for the band Real Estate’s song…

“Suburban Dogs” Real Estate

Winter Soldiers video

“Winter Soldiers”- Iraq Veterans Against the War testimony (warning: includes picture of the dead):

Boots-on-the-ground soldiers and marines testify in March 2008 “giving an accurate account of what is really happening day in and day out.” Winter Soldiers is a project of Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Winter Soldiers Testimony from former Marines: Jon Turner and Michael LeDuc and former Army Soldiers: Clifton Hicks, Garrett Reppenhagen.

Photos and video from veterans: Jon Turner, Scott Ewing, Kristofer Goldsmith, Daniel Fanning, Lars Ekstrom, Mike Totten, Andrew Duffy, Hart Viges, Clifton Hicks, Steven Casey, Steve Mortillo, Jesse Hamilton, Adam Kokesh, Abby Hiser.

Video produced by Max Darham, audio produced by Scott Carrier & Barrett Golding for Hearing Voices. Music by Jeff Arntsen. More Winter Soldiers audio…

Movement Soul- video

In 1963-4 two Atlanta residents collected live recordings at freedom movement events in the deep south, mass meetings, sermons, rallies, interviews. Their collection, now at the Library of Congress, is called “Movement Soul.” This interview is with one of the recordists, David Baker; slideshow sequenced by Max Darham. “Movement Soul: Civil Rights- Live:”

This slideshow features several images from the Bettmann Archive (©CORBIS/Bettmann) donated by Corbis-Bettmann.Photo archives used: The U.S. Civil Rights Movement
Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement
Library of Congress: Voices of Civil Rights
Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
Nashville Tennessean
Richmond Times-Dispatch

Rock the Junta

An audio slideshow about the Burmese political rock band, Iron Cross. Photos, text and audio by Scott Carrier (from his HV/NPR story); music by Iron Cross; slideshow sequenced by Max Darham. “Rock the Junta: Iron Cross- Burma:”

Max Media

Hi, my name is Max Darham. I am at present the Hearing Voices intern. I am 18 years old and from Bozeman, Montana. I am a freshman at Bennington College and currently participating in the college’s annual Field Work Term. The point is to intregrate your academic learning with real life work experience. In my case it’s working for Barrett and Hearing Voices. I grew up in Bozeman MT skiing, hiking and having fun. I will be producing an audio-slideshow movie, designing photo-journalism web-pages, archiving HV’s online audio collection, and writing several blog-posts over the next few weeks.

Sliing Frazer Lake

Frazer Lake, Summer 2007