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New Kings of Nonfiction

Book coverMy copy of the Ira-edited The New Kings of Nonfiction is on its way. What’s taking you to get yours?

Publisher Penguin Group has Ira’s intro online. Profits from the book benefit the writing center 826 Chicago.

Sez I-Glass “The contributors are some of the best nonfiction authors alive: Malcolm Gladwell (The Tipping Point); Susan Orlean (The Orchid Thief); New York Times Magazine writer Jack Hitt (a contributing editor of our show), and more. David Foster Wallace does the best piece of reporting I’ve ever read on right-wing talk radio. Mark Bowden explains what Saddam Hussein — the man — was really like. Dan Savage recounts how he decided that the best way to change the Republican Party would be to sign up (he ends up as a delegate to their Washington State convention; havoc ensues). Jim McManus tells the story of how he went to cover the World Series of Poker for Harper’s Magazine and ended up at the final table, carrying home a quarter million dollars.”

That latter McManus piece is one stellar article I’m particularly looking forward to reading again: Gave me an appreciation for Texas Hold ‘Em that continues to this day.