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Pogo Gardyn

A new Pogo video was one of 25 (out of 25K) selected for the Guggenheim/YouTube Play, A Biennial of Creative Video.

Sez Pogo: “Comprising my mother’s voice and the sounds of her garden, this video is my first mix of the real world. I hope I’ve done my mother justice in capturing her passion:”

Dwonload the “Gardyn” mp3, wav or video at:

Wishery- Pogo

Here I go again w/ another Pogo piece; this one a new re-mixup of A/V elements from the 1937 Disney classic Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, called:



Expialidocious is up again. “Guess Who’s Back In Wonderland,” sez cut-up Aussie artist, Pogo:

After a year producing professionally for Walt Disney Motion Picture Studios, my contract has finally come to an end. The gag order is released, and my classic Disney mixes are allowed back online.

(Old Expialidocious post w/ autre Dizknee audities.)