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Tourists snap photos

Norfolk Island {format} 5:04 Jake Warga

Captain Cook gave Norfolk Island its first tourist slogan when he spotted it in 1774: "Jewell of the Pacific". In 1825 it became "Hell on Earth," the most feared of England's penal colonies in Australia, designed as, "a place of the extremist punishment short of death." Later, it was given to the decedents of the Mutiny on the Bounty to settle. Now, the tourism slogan is: "Norfolk Island... be surprised" -- and the island has become completely dependent on tourism. (Check Jake's Norfolk photo gallery.)

Broadcast: Sep 1 2009 on NPR All Things Considered Subjects: Travel, Historical

Tasmanian Devil photo

Tasmanian Devil Endangered {format} 7:07 Jake Warga

A deadly cancer threatens to wipe out Tasmania's most famous resident: the Tasmanian devil. Australia has the worst record of mammal extinctions in the world over the last 300 to 400 years. A quarter of all mammal extinctions worldwide since 1600 have occurred in Australia. Scientists say that without intervention, the rare Tasmanian Devil will disappear within 20 years. (Jake's Tasmanian Flickr photos).

Broadcast: Jun 9 2009 on PRI/WGBH/BBC The World Subjects: International, Environment

Civil War re-enacters in uniform and armaments

Civil War Re-Enacters Reflections {format} 2:56 Jake Warga

Re-enacters Harold Slavik and Col. Steve Betchart with the "Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War" reflect on our United States, as they are re-dedicated a Union veteran's grave in Springfield, Oregon.

Broadcast: May 25 2009 on NPR All Things Considered Subjects: Historical, War

Outside prison high brick walls

Ghostly Prison- Tasmania {format} 2:49 Jake Warga

Guide Jane Mills take us on a night tour inside the walls of Port Arthur, Tasmania's former convict settlement and notorious 19th century penitentiary, now one of Australia's top tourist attractions.

Broadcast: Feb 27 2009 on PRI/WGBH/BBC The World Subjects: Justice

Cabin, fence and sky in the Yukon

Exploring The Yukon {format} 5:26 Jake Warga

The lore of the Yukon used to be the gold, hidden in the rocks. Today, only a few still dig and pan, but others treasures in culture and history still abound.

Broadcast: Jan 1 2009 on NPR All Things Considered Subjects: Historical, Travel

Millennium village project dancers

Rwanda: Genocide’s Ghosts {format} 8:57 Jake Warga

The victims and perpetrators of genocide in Rwanda must daily confront their everpresent, past ghosts.

Broadcast: Dec 23 2008 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: War

Crowded Juifen, Taiwan city street

Travel Tips {format} 4:30 Jake Warga

A travel writer's tips for international travellers via an audio postcard from Taiwan. See Jake's Taiwan photos.

Broadcast: Dec 15 2008 on PRI/WGBH/BBC The World Subjects: Travel

Human toe in a cocktail glass

Sour Toe Cocktail {format} 3:00 Jake Warga

Dawson City, deep in Canada's Yukon Territory, has a hotel bar with a house specialty, the a Sour Toe Cocktail. The drink's has an extra special ingredient: a real severed human toe. If it touches your lips, congrats, you're on a long, odd, proud list of thousands in the Sour Toe Cocktail Club.

Broadcast: Sep 5 2008 on PRI/WGBH/BBC The World Subjects: Travel, Cultural

Sign on roof: No Climbing

Taipei 101 {format} 3:01 Jake Warga

An audio-tour of Taipei 101, in Taiwan, the tallest building in the world (for now).

Broadcast: Jul 29 2008 on PRI/WGBH/BBC The World Subjects: Travel, Technology

Clock tower in Guatemala

Postcard: Flores, Guatemala {format} 7:26 Jake Warga

"I found my mother on the streets of Guatemala, though she died over ten years ago. It's true, no matter where you go, your past goes with you."

Broadcast: May 6 2008 on NPR All Things Considered Subjects: Family, Travel

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