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Detail of painting by Victoria Golding

Love’s Labors {format} 54:00 Scott Carrier, Kitchen Sisters & [Hearing Voices]

Affairs of the Heart in this Valentine's special. Hosted by Amy Dickinson, syndicated advice columnist: "Ask Amy"- Chicago Tribune) and former NPR commentator, featuring: Letters to "Ask Amy". A "Valentine" from Kevin Kling (from his Stories from the Shallow End CD). The Girls Glee Club of New Palestine High School, Indiana singing the theme from "Midnight Cowboy" (off the out-of-print Poly High - School Bands Play The Classics). Women's tales of true but tainted love, what Nancy Updike calls "Cringe Love", from This American Life. One of the "6 terrific teen-age tunes sung by Barbie and Ken (and you can sing along, too!)," a 45-rpm record from Mattel Toymakers (mp3 at's 365 Days Project- May 31). James Rivieto's "Wedding", told by David Greenberger, with music by 3 Leg Torso (off their Whispers, Grins, Bloodloss & Handshakes CD). "Love & Marriage Atop the Towers," stories of weddings at the World Trade Center, collected by The Kitchen Sisters for their Sonic Memorial Project. Host Amy Dickinson and the hundreds of other "Leftover Brides" lined up for mass Moonie marriages. A "Parent and Child" discussion between Jessica and Scott Carrier on what makes a good marriage, from This American Life. And the Phi Mu Washboard Band sings "Love Hurts" (mp3 at's 365 Days Project- May 24). More audio, info and links...

Broadcast: Feb 14 2006 on HV SpecialSeries: Hearing Voices- Specials Subjects: Specials, Specials, Entertainment, Family

Pickup on dirt road, photo by Scott Carrier

Backroads {format} 59:00 Jay Allison, Scott Carrier, Kitchen Sisters, John Rieger & [Hearing Voices]

Five traveling stories from public radio's past in this (((Hearing Voices))) special. Hosted by the producers, featuring: "Fifty Miles Out of Gerlach" by John Rieger- Small-town society. "Navajo Pentacostalists" by Scott Carrier- Holy ghosts, hitchhikers and stratocasters. "Road Ranger" The Kitchen Sisters- a highway hero fixes strangers' cars. "Cross My Path" by Jay Allison- Leo Grillo cares for animals, thousands of them. "Trip to the Dentist" by Larry Massett- A nitrous-feuled excursion thru a history of bad dental health. More audio, info and links...

Broadcast: Apr 1 2003 on HV SpecialSeries: Hearing Voices- Specials Subjects: Religious, Health, Specials, Travel

A woman surrounded by leaves

Her Stories {format} 59:00 Jay Allison, Kitchen Sisters, Ginger Miles, Dmae Roberts, Steve Rowland, Jake Warga & [Hearing Voices]

URL linkHER STORIES- a (((Hearing Voices))) Women's History Month special. Hosted by Dmae Roberts of, featuring: "Tupperware®" by the Kitchen Sisters- the one-time staple of American housewifery: the Tupperware® party. "Donna Checks Out Her Life" by Tom Lopez / ZBS- Asupermarket checker, scans the items in her existence. "Home From Africa" by Jake Warga, edited by Jay Allison- Jenifir returns from Benin with all 13 Symptoms of Chronic Peace Corps Withdrawal. "Sisters" by Dmae Roberts- A montaged discussion what it's like to have and be a sister. "Ruby" by Susan Stone- A new syntax of whispers and words tells the story of a woman and her husbands. "Sooner or Later" by Ginger Miles- A sound-portrait of the producer's friend, Anna Lee, a jazz photographer in lower Manhattan, recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Poems by Sonia Sanchez produced for radio by Steve Rowland and mixed by Joe Waters with original music by Jamaaladeen Tacuma and Joe Waters. And poems by spoken-word artists Tracie Morris, Jill Battson and Meryn Cadell. More audio, info and links...

Broadcast: Mar 1 2003 on HV SpecialSeries: Hearing Voices- Specials Subjects: International, Family, Literature, Specials, Women

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