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Musicians from Mekong River

Mekong Music {format} 5:44 Ceil Muller

The Mekong River reached the banks of the Potomac at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in DC. The exhibits take visitors to the headwaters near Tibet, through the rough and tumbling waters in the Hunan Province of China, and down to the hot humid Delta in Vietnam. The culture and music of the entire region could be seen, heard, and tasted.

Broadcast: Jul 12 2007 on KQED Pacific Time Subjects: Asian, International, World, Music

Hula dancers from APOP Hawaiian Cultural Center website photo

Hula on the Mainland {format} 5:50 Ceil Muller

Forty-five years ago this month, Hawaii became the 50th state. Currently, more than half of those who have native Hawaiian blood have left the islands for opportunities on the mainland. But the islandsí cultural heritage is embraced even by the generation born on the mainland. One of them is Kawika Alfiche, a 31-year-old Hula teacher, and director of the APOP Hawaiian Cultural Center.

Broadcast: Aug 19 2004 on KQED Pacific Time Subjects: Music, Historical

Detail of Man Ray photo

The Kiss and the Dying {format} {format} 7:45 Ceil Muller

His mouth might have been the most antiseptic place in that hospital. Certainly it was the most welcoming. Greedily reaching out for every possible life giving experience he could get. Death was not without pride, it just was greedy." An etiquette list for those who may be dying soon, and for the soon-to-be survivors. (Photo by Man Ray.) [transcript]

Broadcast: Aug 23 2003 on NPR All Things Considered Subjects: Health, Family

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